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首页 ? School System ? Kindergarten

    Xiwai International School 's attached kindergarten is the perfect place to nurture your child's potential qualities, with its bilingual and bicultural environment, and its emphasis on small group work and interactive learning, particularly in the area of language development. Our aim is to stimulate your child's interest in and curiosity about the world around them, and to set a good foundation for the next stage of his or her learning at primary school.

    As an integral part of Xiwai's comprehensive educational system, the Xiwai Kindergarten curriculum is designed in such a way that your child's education can run seamlessly from our kindergarten to our primary, middle school and high school sections. Children who complete kindergarten with us can thus be admitted directly into Xiwai International School .

Courses offered at our kindergarten include:

  •       Basic courses: Chinese language, English language, introduction to science, math, music, fine art and sports;
  •       Developmental courses: reading groups, basic computer operation, role-play, practical exploring, and integrated theme-based activities;
  •       Interest courses: graphic design, craft work, drama, singing, percussion instruments, chess, dancing and gymnastics;


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