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Xiwai International School is a certified member of both Cambridge Assessment and the College Board. These two prestigious global organizations represent the highest standards of rigor and excellence in international education. As a member school, Xiwai is able to offer high-level students from Grades 9-12 the opportunity to gain globally recognized qualifications by taking part in three elite programs: Cambridge IGCSE in Grades 9-10, which provides a powerful academic foundation in a wide range of disciplines; and a choice of either Cambridge A Levels or U.S. Advanced Placement (AP) courses in Grades 11-12, which allow students to demonstrate their ability to excel at college-level academics. All of these programs are recognized and accepted by schools throughout the English-speaking world. They are highly challenging, require outstanding English language, critical thinking, and study skills, and give students a distinct edge when applying to top universities abroad.


 Cambridge Assessment, an international qualifications provider connected with the world-famous Cambridge University, offers in-depth study programs from primary all the way up to high school. At Xiwai, we currently offer Cambridge courses for students in Grades 9-12. In the first two years, students can take a range of IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) courses. These may be taught over a 1- or 2-year period. At the end of each course, students take an examination that is marked externally by Cambridge Assessment. Students who pass the exams are awarded a certificate for that subject. These certificates are recognized by high schools and universities around the world; they indicate that a student has achieved a high level of proficiency in that subject, and is prepared to continue his or her studies at a more advanced level. IGCSE courses provide a strong foundation for further study in many programs, including A Levels and AP.

 IGCSE students are expected to take a combination of humanities, math, science, and art courses. To help students build a well-rounded IGCSE portfolio, we offer the following selection of courses for Grade 9 and Grade 10 students:

 IGCSE Mathematics

IGCSE English as a Second Language

IGCSE English Literature

IGCSE History

IGCSE Biology

IGCSE Chemistry

IGCSE Physics

IGCSE Economics

IGCSE Computer Science

 In Grades 11-12, students who wish to continue in the Cambridge program have a choice of several A Level courses. A Levels are taken over a 2-year period, and like IGCSE courses, they are assessed through challenging exams which are externally marked by Cambridge Assessment. Outstanding A Level exam results demonstrate extraordinary academic achievement and are a prerequisite for admission to many U.K. and Commonwealth universities. We currently offer the following A Levels (and plan to open more in the future):

AS and A Level Mathematics

AS and A Level Chemistry

AS and A Level Physics

AS and A Level Economics

AS and A Level English Language

AS and A Level Art and Design

AS and A Level Biology


While IGCSE and A Level courses are ideal for students who plan to study in the U.K. or in Commonwealth countries, Cambridge qualifications are recognized by virtually all universities around the world, including in the U.S. Wherever students plan to go for further study, Cambridge courses are an excellent way to demonstrate their academic ability and competitiveness and prepare for the rigors of university.

 For more information about Cambridge courses, please visit



 The Advanced Placement (AP) program is a selection of highly demanding, year-long, university-level courses – now 34 in all, spanning a broad range of subjects – which qualified students take during high school. The courses are designed by the College Board, the same U.S.-based academic organization which creates and administers the SAT. Each course has the same academic requirements and level of difficulty as a first-year American university course. By taking AP classes, therefore, students are able to demonstrate to university admissions staff that they are capable of producing college-level work in English. Studying AP also shows that a student is hardworking, self-motivated, and an independent learner willing to embrace new challenges – all qualities that universities prize when evaluating applicants.

 There are two components to every AP course: the course itself, which takes a full year to complete, during which time students are given coursework and are graded by their teacher just as in any other class; and the AP exam, which students take in May and which is marked externally by the College Board. By completing an AP course, students are eligible to receive AP credit on their transcripts; by doing well on the AP exam, they can also gain credit from American universities toward their undergraduate GPA, and can even graduate from university early.While AP is ideal for students planning to study in the U.S., the exceptional quality and rigor of the AP program are recognized by universities around the world. Performing well in a number of AP courses therefore gives students a competitive edge no matter where they choose to apply.

 At Xiwai, AP courses are taken in Grades 11 and 12. The following AP courses will be offered in the coming school year:

 AP English Language and Composition

AP English Literature and Composition

AP European History

AP Chemistry

AP Physics 1

AP Physics C: Mechanics

AP Microeconomics

AP Macroeconomics  

AP United States History    

AP Calculus (AB)    

AP Calculus (BC)    

AP Statistics  

AP Psychology

AP Computer Science A

 In the coming years, we plan to open additional AP courses in diverse subjects based on student interest. As every AP course demands a great deal of time, work, and commitment, students should choose AP subjects where they are already strong academically and which they are genuinely interested in. That said, taking a good range of courses shows that a student is well-rounded and can excel in multiple disciplines. Some AP courses may also be recommended or required for entry into specific degree programs, so students should research the universities they want to apply to thoroughly before taking AP.

 For more information about AP for international students, please visit https://international.collegeboard.org/prepare-to-study-in-the-us/ap-in-china.



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