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Extra-curricular activities in Xiwai





This fall semester, Xiwai International Middle School took great pride in offering our students a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. The activities took place on Friday afternoons. After a hard week's work, the students pushed themselves hard to broaden their intellectual horizons and take part in additional classes that exposed them to a wealth of knowledge that they may not always have the chance to experience in a regular classroom.

There were a total of five afternoon clubs, two led by our foreign members of staff, two led by our Chinese members of staff and one activity led by our very own Xiwai parent. Who generously gave their time and energy in offering a culturally enriching traditional tea ceremony club, teaching the students a fantastic Chinese traditional art. The clubs offered by Xiwai's own staff included: a magazine club which allowed the students to showcase their artistic and literary talents to produce a magazine created entirely by themselves; a film production club were students could learn crucial computer skills and put on the directors hat in shooting and producing their own short films; a chess and western chess club aimed at teaching students key critical thinking and strategy skills through the medium of the worlds most acknowledged strategy game; a Hanfu traditional Chinese clothes club to teach the children the history of their culture and to have the chance to wear the beautiful robes and gowns of the ancestors that ruled China before them.

Xiwai International Middle School will be bringing even more clubs and opportunities to our students next semester that aim to further expose our students to cultures around the globe, 21st century skills and develop their own artistic and creative abilities.